Remember All Those Brave Men & Women Who Have Fought For Irelands Freedom.


Lots of men and women in Ireland have fought for and died for the freedom of our country from the British invaders, they wanted a united Ireland. We cant let the scarfices of what our volunteers have done be forgotten.

I have liked history ever since i did history in school, we had a great teacher called James O Donoghue who died shortly after i left school RIP.

The first book i was told to read by him because i was from west tipperary was Dan Breen's My Fight For Irish Freedom Dan Breen is a hero of mine and i respect what he had to do in his life.

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Rebel Hearts

Rebel Hearts

My favourite band who sing the songs and tell the stories of Irelands fight for freedom and the pursuit of our vision of a united Ireland are a local band from Tipperary called the Rebel Hearts the band consists of 5 lads from parishes in tipperary. Liam Coen, Paudie Coen, Jamie Mockler, Tom Doran And Paudie Skehan

Love going to listen to the lads who play with such passion for the songs. They are some of the best musicians and singers out there.

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Liam Coen From The Rebel Hearts Song Culture Writen By Him, Recorded By Rebel Hearts Feb 2011

A song really appropriate at the current time In Ireland

New GAA Song By Rebel Hearts Hats Flags And Headbands

Available For Download On iTunes

A True Legend Of Tipperary

Dan Breen

Dan Breen

Dan Breen was born near Soloheadbeg, County Tipperary. He was educated locally and became a plasterer before becoming a linesman on the Great Southern and Western Railway.

Breen joined the Irish Volunteers in 1914 but did not partake in the 1916 Rising.

On January 21st, 1919 he partook in the first engagement of the War of Independence, an ambush of explosives in Soloheadbeg, afterwhich a bounty of £10,000 was put on his capture. Breen went 'on the run' and, in 1920, he shot his way out of a police seige in Dublin and escaped with twenty-two bullet wounds.

Breen opposed the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty and continued to fight on the republican side during the Civil War. In 1923 Breen, then Commandant General of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade of the IRA, was captured by Free State soldiers in the Glen of Aherlow and imprisoned in Limerick and Mountjoy Gaols where he under went a 12 day hunger-strike and a 6 day thirst strike before being released in 1924.

Breen was elected to the Dáil while in prison but did not take up his seat until 1927 and lost his seat in the General Election of that year.

Breen emigrated to America and returned to Ireland in 1932 when he was elected to the Dáil as Fianna Fáil Deputy for Tipperary. Breen retained his Dáil seat until his retirement in 1965.

This extract is from Breen's popular autobiography

My Fight for Irish Freedom (1924).©

Knocklong Rescue

Knocklong Station

A member of the Soloheadbeg ambush party, Hogan was arrested on 12 May 1919 The three others (Treacy, Breen and Seamus Robinson) were joined by five men from IRA East Limerick Brigade (Ned Foley, Sean Lynch, John Joe O'Brien, Ned O'Brien, Jim Scanlon) in order to organise Hogan's rescue.

Hogan was being transported by train to Cork on 13 May 1919, and the men, lead by Treacy, boarded the train in Knocklong. A close-range shoot-out followed on the train. Treacy and Breen were seriously wounded in the gun fight, two policemen died, but Hogan was rescued. He was spirited away to Knocklong village where his handcuffs were cleaved by Sean Lynch,

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